Nola McGowan has been our solicitor for the past 29 years.  Nola has assisted us in personal, trust and business matters and has always given us sound honest advise even when it may not have been what we wanted to hear.  

Her integrity and knowledge has always given us the confidence to know that any legal matter we are involved with has been dealt with in a manner that supports the fundamental obligation under NZ law, giving us complete peace of mind.

Nola is not only a solicitor of extreme integrity but also a genually nice person who shows empathy in family situations  acknowledging  true concern for her clients. 

Ross and Elaine - GJ Gardner Homes

Julie Bremner is an experienced lawyer and the chairperson for the North Shore Women’s Centre; she has been a volunteer board member and lawyer in our free legal service for 6 years.  Julie has many attributes and skills that we have utilized.  Julie is a natural leader and leads the board, staff and volunteers in a professional and caring manner.  Julie has strong business acumen and cares deeply about the work she does to serve her clients both at the centre and in her work place. Julie also finds realistic solutions to complex issues that her clients and the NSWC face.

Julie conducts herself with professionalism and integrity at all times.  Julie has a positive attitude and communicates well with all people.  Julie has consistently provided excellent free legal advice to many of the vulnerable women that the centre works with.  The centre consistently receives good feedback from clients about Julie’s work.   Julie’s stability and leadership has helped ensure the NSWC provides high quality services to the families we work with.

Tracey - North Shore Women’s Centre

Nola is not only a solicitor of extreme integrity but also a genuinely nice person who shows empathy in family situations, acknowledging true concern for her clients.

Carol - Whangaparaoa

Nola is described as a successful business woman who goes the extra distance to help her clients, as well as being heavily involved in the Child Cancer Society and other community groups.

Nola’s commitment and support for her clients is incredibly supportive,  She helps them, visits them regularly, takes them food and goes to all family events - way beyond the expectations of a lawyer/client relationship.

Scoop - Limelight Award