Nola McGowan

Nola McGowan

Director (LLB Hons)


Nola has been practising law on the Hibiscus Coast for 30 years She has an extensive, wide-ranging knowledge of many aspects of the law, specialising in conveyancing and estate planning.

Having grown up on the coast, many of Nola’s clients are well known to her and come from the local community. Although she has some extremely competent solicitors and legal executives assisting her, Nola very much has her hands on the reins and likes to keep a close eye on all that’s going on. Over her many years’ experience she has also built up important networks of people in varied legal capacities who she can call on if necessary.

Nola also sees clients weekly in the Auckland office, run by her husband, Tony, who find it easier to visit her there. She has a sharp clinical mind, a quick brain teamed with a kind compassionate heart and an understanding of people born of being a mother practising law since before her children were born. It’s a pretty unbeatable combination.