Assets & Trusts

We can assist you in respect to the preparation of a Trust and the transfer of assets into the Trust. Once a Trust is set up we can assist you with the on-going management of your Trust and gifting to the Trust. You also need to consider who will take over the Trust on your demise or incapacity, leaving directions for the trustees as to the administration of trust property. You also need to consider a review of your Will.

We are able to provide senior clients with extensive advice on asset management including Enduring powers of attorney for property and personal care, purchase into a retirement village, wills, estate planning

Business & Commercial Law

Vlatkovich and McGowan are able to provide advice on all aspects of business transactions including the sale and purchase of commercial property and the financing of commercial purchases, the structure of commercial entities including partnerships, companies, joint ventures, trading trusts and or sole trader. Tony Vlatkovich in our office is an expert on franchise law, business and commercial law. He can advise you whether or not you are purchasing or selling a franchise.

If you are leasing premises we can advise you whether you are a landlord or tenant as to the terms of leases that are appropriate to you and your commercial situation. If you are in business we can advise and or review your terms of trade. If you are purchasing or selling a motel, we can assist in respect to the agreement for sale and purchase, lease and financing.

Dispute Mediation

Often clients find themselves involved in a dispute with a third party. Mediation is a process whereby parties (sometimes with their lawyers) attend a dispute mediation conference with a trained mediator present. The purpose is to try and reach agreement without the need for litigation..

Employment Law

We can give advice to an employee and or employer in respect to employment law contracts, personal grievances, disputes and dismissals, health and safety, redundancy issues and restraint of trade issues.

Family and Matrimonal Law

Most people during their lifetime will need to consult a lawyer in respect to issues involving family and matrimonial law. This does not always mean that you have separated. Family and matrimonial law can include referrals to counseling and advice as to what your legal rights are. If you are entering into a permanent relationship we can prepare contracting out agreements (prenuptial agreements). On separation we can negotiate agreements in respect to property and issues involving your children.

We advise as to future planning including advice in respect to trusts, Wills and estate planning. We also prepare and consult in respect to enduring powers of attorney for property and personal care. We can provide advice to you on all aspects of family and matrimonial law. If there is an issue which should involve a specialist approach we can brief a barrister who has specialist knowledge in respect your particular issue.

Property Law

At Vlatkovich and McGowan we are aware just how stressful a residential sale and purchase can be. Our experienced team of property law legal advisers will assist you through this process. We would recommend that before you complete a sale and or a purchase you have us review the agreement. If you are purchasing we recommend you obtain a land Information memorandum from the council, a builders report and ensure your finance is arranged. In respect to a sale, we would recommend you check the vendors warranties contained in the agreement to ensure that you can comply with the same. We confirm we can provide you with advice on agreements for sale and or purchase, mortgages, financing and refinancing, auction agreements, titles ( freehold, leasehold, unit titles, cross lease titles and multi titles), ownership, property law sharing agreements, LIM reports, insurance issues, asset protection and purchasing into a retirement village.

In respect to commercial transactions we work with you and your accountant. We can provide you with assistance in respect to sale and purchase of businesses, sale and purchase of commercial property, financing of transactions and leases. We can provide you with advice in respect to purchase of land, subdivision of title either by freehold subdivision, multi title subdivision and/or boundary adjustment and resource management issues.

Wills and Estates

Before advising in respect to Wills and estates we like to meet with you and discuss with you your family situation, what you want to achieve in your Will, and your assets. We will then work with you to prepare a Will that is in accordance with your wishes. We advise that you should review your Will and estate plan at least every 5 years or when there has been a major change in your personal situation or your assets.

When someone has died it is always a hard and difficult time for the family left behind. We work together with the family to coordinate administration of a persons estate. We provide professional but sensitive advice in respect to estate administration. We have extensive experience in estate administration. Our services include estate planning, Will preparation, powers of attorney and administration of estates.